Postgraduate Forum

The Postgraduate Forum (PGF) offers young scholars in the field of American Studies a forum to present their current research projects as work in progress. We welcome contributions from various disciplines focusing on the study of American cultures and literatures. The forum is designed to exchange information on current research and to network with other junior scholars.

The PGF is an annual event which is hosted by a different German university each fall. Accordingly, the local organizers function as representatives of the forum for one year.

Additionally, the PGF hosts several events at the annual conference of the German Association for American Studies. These are designed to enable a first exchange prior to the forum.


The current PGF-Team can be contacted via

The next PGF conference will take place on October 6–8, 2016 in Hamburg and is jointly organized by postgraduates from the universities of Bremen and Hamburg. Find more information on their website.


COPAS (Current Objectives of Postgraduate American Studies) is a peer-reviewed e-journal devoted to research by young Americanists in Germany that was conceived as a publication opportunity for young scholars in American Studies and an easy-to-access platform for scholarly exchange. It was launched following the 1999 PostgraduateForum (PGF) of the German Association for American Studies/Deutsche Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien (DGfA) in Regensburg, helped by funds from the Bavarian American Academy/Bayerische Amerika-Akademie (BAA). Currently, Nathalie Aghoro, Katharina Fackler, Johanna Heil, Stephen Koetzing and Klara Stephanie Szlezák edit and publish the journal. COPAS is hosted and supported by the University of Regensburg. Visit the COPAS website now!