The following is a list of people who are interested in working as visiting professors at universities or similar institutions in the wider field of American Studies. If you know of any vacancy or need a substitute professor for a semester or longer, please contact any of the people on the list. For more information, please consult their web pages or get in touch with them directly via e-mail.

Please support our colleagues with passing on any information that you might have about such positions.

Dr. Alexandra Berlina (Essen-Duisburg; Erfurt)


PD Dr. Sladja Blažan 


PD Dr. Thomas Clark


Dr. habil. Antje Dallmann


Dr. Thomas Dikant


PD Dr. Alexander Dunst


Dr. Julia Faisst


PD Dr. Elena Furlanetto
PD Dr. Elena Furlanetto (
Elena FURLANETTO | Principal Investigator | Doctor of Philosophy | University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen | uni-due | Department of Anglophone Studies | Research profile (


Dr. Dorothea Gail (ab SoSe 2017):


PD Dr. Markus Heide 


PD Dr. Karin Hoepker


PD Dr. Martin Holtz


PD Dr. Mischa Honeck


PD Dr. Karin Ikas


Dr. Sonja John


PD Dr. Simone Knewitz


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jan D. Kucharzewski 


PD Dr. Christina Meyer (privat) und


PD Dr. Julia Nitz


PD Dr. Martina Pfeiler


PD Dr. Mariam Popal


PD Dr. Hedwig Richter


PD Dr. Stefanie Schäfer, Marie Curie fellow, Wien


PD Dr. Elisabeth Schäfer-Wünsche


Dr. Simon Schleusener


PD Anne-Marie Scholz, Ph.D.


PD Dr. Olaf Stieglitz


PD Dr. Jasper Trautsch


PD Dr. Kirsten Twelbeck


Prof. Dr. Cornelia Wilhelm (LMU München)


PD Dr. Eva-Sabine Zehelein (Goethe Universität Frankfurt)