Diversity Roundtable

Members of the GAAS interested in promoting diversity within the association have been meeting within the forum of the Diversity Roundtable once a year during the annual conference of the GAAS. The Diversity Roundtable discusses the question of how diversity is central to the concerns of the GAAS and how the association can strengthen its commitment to diversity.

 If you are interested in joining the group or would like to get in touch with the Diversity Roundtable, please contact Eva Boesenberg (eva.boesenberg@cms.hu-berlin.de), Mita Banerjee (mita.banerjee@uni-mainz.de), and Kathy-Ann Tan (kathy-ann.tan@uni-tuebingen.de).

Find the Conference Program of the GAAS Special Conference “Diversity and/in the GAAS” at the BAA Amerikahaus, Munich, Oct 20-21, 2017 here: https://dgfa.de/events/special-conferences-and-symposia/2017-10-program-diversity-in-and-the-gaas-at-the-amerikahaus-in-munich/