Amerikastudien / American Studies is the official journal of the German Association for American Studies. The quarterly is dedicated to an interdisciplinary and transnational concept of American Studies and covers all areas of the discipline, including literary and cultural criticism, history, political science, linguistics, and pedagogy. It provides a unique German and European perspective on the field. Regular issues, featuring a variety of topical articles from different areas of American Studies, alternate with special-topic issues. The forum section includes think pieces on current topics in the field as well as other open formats, such as interviews and short dialogical position papers. Amerikastudien / American Studies also publishes reviews with an emphasis on scholarly contributions from German-speaking countries to the wider field of American Studies. An annual bibliography (appearing in issue 2 of every volume) documents publications in American Studies from German-speaking countries.

What started out as the annual Jahrbuch für Amerikastudien in 1956 has evolved into a virulent quarterly with more than 1200 subscriptions in Germany, Europe, and the United States. With volume 42 (1997), Amerikastudien / American Studies returned to its original publisher, Universitätsverlag Winter in Heidelberg, Germany, after intermittent stints at Metzler Verlag in Stuttgart (1974-81) and Fink Verlag in Munich (1982-96). Universitätsverlag Winter also publishes the American Studies monograph series. Both the journal and the monograph series present an indispensable German and European dimension of the field of American Studies.

With volume 64, the journal has been transformed into an open-access online publication; it is available free of charge at