(Adopted on 14 June 1953, amended by the General Assembly in. 1963, 1967/1968,1968/1969, 2003 and 2014)

This is the English translation of an original German legal text. In the event of a discrepancy, the German text shall prevail.

Download the German version of the statutes.

Article I. Name and Seat

  1. The name of the organization is ‘Deutsche Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien” e.V. (German Association for American Studies).
  2. The seat of the GAAS shall be located in Marburg, where it shall be recorded in the Register of Associations. The fiscal year shall be the calendar year (lower district court of Marburg VR 231).

Article II. Purpose

  1. It is the goal of the association to support American Studies in Germany on an academic basis and to contribute to the consolidation of academic and cultural relations between Germany and the United States.
  2. The GAAS pursues directly and exclusively public benefit aims. The GAAS shall be nonprofit.
  3. Any profits may only be used for purposes set forth in the statutes. Members shall not share in the profits of the organization and they shall not receive allocations from GAAS funds. If members leave the GAAS or if the association is dissolved or abolished, only their capital and material investments shall be returned.
  4. No individual may gain personal benefit either through administrative payments which do not conform to the objectives of the GAAS or through disproportionately high remuneration.

Article III. Membership

  1. All persons who are connected to the tasks and goals of the association are admissible to regular membership.
  2. All persons and associations supporting the GAAS with contributions are admissible to associate membership.
  3. Admission to the GAAS shall be determined by the executive board. Membership can be terminated by
    1. a notice of resignation in writing
    2. expulsion.
  4. Withdrawal from the GAAS shall be possible at any time but shall not release members from membership fees for the current fiscal year. Expulsion can be pronounced by the executive board for special reasons. Expelled members can file an appeal within 14 days after the reception of the notice of expulsion. The appeal shall be submitted to the General Assembly for a final decision.
  5. The right to vote in the General Assembly is restricted to regular members.

Article IV. Statutor Bodies

Statutory Bodies of the association are: 1. The General Assembly; 2. The Executive Board; 3. The Advisory Board.

Article V. General Assembly

  1. The Executive Board shall call the General Assembly at least once a year. The written invitation to the General Assembly and the agenda shall be submitted at 14 days prior to the first meeting day. The first assembly must take place’ within the first half of the year.
  2. The General Assembly shall decide by majority vote of all attending members. It shall be responsible in particular for
  • a) the election of the Executive Board, the Advisory Board, and the auditor
  • b) the adoption of the annual budget
  • c) the ratification ofthe Executive Board’s acts based on financial and activity reports
  • d) expulsion of members (Article III, paragraph 3b).

3. Amendments to the statutes and dissolution of the association require a, threefourths majority vote of all attending members. In the event of a lack of quorum, the resolution may be postponed to the consecutive General Assembly where it may pass by a two-third majority.

4. Scheduled amendments to the statutes are to be mailed to all members with the invitation to the General Assembly.

5. Minutes shall be kept concerning all decisions of the General Assembly. The minutes shall be signed by two members of the Executive Board.

Article VI. Executive Board

  1. The Executive Board shall consist of the President, the Vice President and the Executive Director.
  2. The Executive Board shall be elected by the General Assembly for a threeyear term by secret ballot. The term of office shall start 1 July of the election year. If single members leave, the Executive Board shall be completed by the election of additional members until the time of the next General Assembly.
  3. The Executive Board shall be responsible torall transactions of the association.
  4. The Executive Board, according to Article 26, Paragraph 2 BGB, is the President.

Article VII. Advisory Board

  1. The General Assembly shall elect an Advisory Board consisting of 14 members for a four-year term with due consideration of all fields of study participating in American Studies and their regional location. The managing editor of the journal Amerikastudien/American Studies, the general editor of the „American Studies: a Monograph Series“ and the international delegate shall be members of the Advisory Board by virtue of his or her office. A consecutive term of an elected member shall be admissible only once.
  2. The Advisory Board shall advise the Executive Board in all general questions. The Executive Board shall continuously inform the Advisory Board about the work of the association.

Article VIII. Auditor

The audit shall be conducted by a member elected by the General Assembly. The auditor shall report to the General Assembly.

Article IX. Membership Fees

The amount of the membership fee shall be determined by the General Assembly. The Executive Board is entitled to reduce or to waive membership fees in spezial cases.

Article X. Dissolution of the Association

In the event of dissolution of the association or the extinction of its purpose, its assets shall be transferred to the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft) if they exceed the capital and non-cash contributions of the members of the association. The German Research Foundation shall use the assets directly and exclusively for non-profit purposes.