69. Rostock, June 1-3, 2023
America and Ownership: Territory, Slavery, Jubilee
Conference Program

68. Tübingen, June 9-11, 2022
Political Education & American Studies
Conference Program

Conference Opening & Keynote by Prof Dr. Vanessa Andreotti (Thursday, June 9th, 5 pm)

Keynote Prof. Dr. Mita Banerjee & Current Events Panel “On the Relationship between Scholarship and Activism” (Friday, June 10th, 9 am – 12:30 pm)

Keynote Prof. Dr. Kabria Baumgartner (Saturday, June 11th, 12:30 – 2:00 pm)

67. Heidelberg, June 17-19, 2021
Participation in American Culture and Society
Conference Program

66. Hamburg, June 13-15, 2019
U.S.-American Culture as Popular Culture
Conference Program

65. Berlin, May 24-27, 2018
American Counter/Publics
Conference Program

64. Hannover, June 8-11, 2017
Modernities and Modernization in North America
Please find the transcript of U.S. Consul General Yoneoka’s opening speech here.

63. Osnabrück, May 19-22, 2016
The United States and the Question of Rights
Conference Program

62. Bonn, May 28-31, 2015
Knowledge Landscapes North America
Conference program

We kindly invite you to revisit the 62nd GAAS Conference on “Knowledge Landscapes North America” at the University of Bonn: On our conference website you find a selection of the photographs taken by Katharina Lurz, a student in our MA program, during the events at the end of May. Just follow this link: http://gaas2015.com/2015/06/10/impressions-from-the-conference/

In case you do not agree to have your photograph published, please let us know.

61. Würzburg, June 12-15 , 2014
America After Nature
Conference program

60. Erlangen, May 30-June 2, 2013
Rural America
Conference program

59. Mainz, May 31-June 3, 2012
American Lives
Conference program

58. Regensburg, June 16-19, 2011
Transnational American Studies
onference program

57. Berlin, May 27-30, 2010
American Economies
Conference program

56. Jena, June 4-7, 2009
Education and the USA
Conference program

55. Heidelberg, May 15-18, 2008
The American Presidency and Political Leadership
Conference program

54. Bochum und Dortmund, May 31-June 3, 2007
Religion in the USA
Conference program

53. Göttingen, June 8-11, 2006
American Studies as Media Studies

52. Frankfurt am Main, May 19-22, 2005
Transatlantic Negotiations
Conference program

51. Mannheim, June 3-6,2004
America and the Orient

50. Munich, June 10-13,2003
Cultural Interactions 50 Years of American Studies in Germany
Conference poster

49. Lutherstadt Wittenberg, May 21-24, 2002
Colonial Encounters

48. Bremen, June 5-8, 2001
Americanization – Globalization – Education

47. Dresden, June 13~16, 2000
Millennial Perspectives

46. Cologne, May 25-28, 1999
Turbulent Decade: The American Sixties and Their Legacy

45. Leipzig, June 2-5, 1998
The American Century

44. Freiburg, May 20-23, 1997
Technology and American Culture

43. Würzburg, May 28-31, 1996
The South

42. Hamburg, June 6-9, 1995
Engendering American Studies

41. Tübingen, May 24-27, 1994
Medienkultur (Media Culture)

40. Mainz, June 1-4, 1993
Democracy and the Arts in the United States

39. Berlin, June 9-12, 1992
Multikulturalismus: Politische, soziale und kulturelle Konsequenzen am Beispiel der USA (Multiculturalism: The United States as an Example of Political, Social, and Cultural Consequences)

38. Münster, May 21-24, 1991
Die USA und Deutschland in vergleichender Perspektive (The USA and Germany in a Comparative Perspective)

37. Bonn, June 5-8, 1990
Amerikanische Hauptstädte – Capitals of the United States

36. Laufen, May 16-19, 1989
Modernism and Modernization: Departure into the American Century (1900-1920)

35. Regensburg, May 24-26, 1988
Protest und Protestverhalten in den USA (Protest and Protest Behavior in the USA)

34. Bremen, June 9-11, 1987
The Living Constitution

33. Grainau, May 20-23, 1986
Amerikanische Alltagskultur (American Everyday Culture)

32. Marburg, May 28-31, 1985
Die USA und Deutschland: Ursprünge und Funktionen gesellschaftlicher und kultureller Stereotypen (The USA and Germany: Origins andFunctions of Social and Cultural Stereotypes)

31. Berlin, June 12-15,1984
Frauen in Gesellschaft und Kultur der USA: Neue.Ansätze in den Amerikastudien (Women in American Culture and Society: New Approaches in American Studies)

30. Kiel, May 24-27, 1983
Amerikastudien als Kulturwissenschaft: Modell- und Paradigmenwechsel (American Studies as Cultural Studies: a Shift of Paradigms and Models)

29. Eichstätt, June 1-4, 1982
Regionalismus (Regionalism)

28. Würzburg, June 9-12, 1981
Politik, Kultur und Gesellschaft im Amerika Andrew Jacksons (Politics, Culture, and Society in Andrew Jackson’s America)

27. Wolfenbüttel, May 27-30,1980
Die Indianer in Nordamerika (Native Americans of North America)

26. Tübingen, June 5-8, 1979
Die Vereinigten Staaten in den 1970er Jahren (The United States in the 1970s)

25. Berlin, May 26-29, 1978
Deutsch-amerikanische Interdependenzen seit 1945 (German-American Interdependences since 1945)

24. Mainz, May 31- June 3,1977
Räumliche und soziale Mobilität in den Vereinigten Staaten (Spatial and Social Mobility in the United States)

23. Tutzing, June 7-10, 1976
Curriculare Fragen der Amerikakunde (Curricular Questions of American Studies)

22. Köln, May 20-23, 1975
Die Amerikanische Revolution (The American Revolution)

21. Bad Dürkheim, June 4-7,1974
Amerikanische Protest- und Reformbewegungen im spaten 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhundert (American Protest and Reform Movements of the late 19th and Early 20th centuries) .

20. Tutzing, June 11-14, 1973
American Studies als wissenschaftstheoretisches Problem (American Studies as a Problem of Academic Theory)

19. Hamburg, May 25-27, 1972
Das Verhältnis der USA zu Lateinarnerika (US-Latin American Relations)

18. Heidelberg, June 3-5, 1971
Regionalismus und Einheitsstreben in den USA (Regionalism and Attempted Unity in the USA)

17. Berlin, May 21-23, 1970
Probleme der Urbanisation in den Vereinigten Staaten in geographischer, soziologischer, linguistischer und literarischer Sicht (Problems of Urbanization in the United States from a Geographical, Social, Linguistic, and Literary Point of View)

16. Erlangen, May 28-31, 1969
Die amerikanische Gesellschaft in den 60er Jahren unseres Jahrhunderts (The American Society in the 1960s)

15. Bochum, June 6-8, 1968
Die politischen und kulturellen Wechselbeziehungeh zwischen Amerika und Ostasien in laufeder Geschichte (Historical Perspectives on the Political and Cultural Interrelations between America and East Asia)

14. Göttingen, May 17-20, 1967
Die amerikanische Revolution als Forschungsproblem (The American Revolution as a Problem of Research)

13. Mannheim, June 2-4, 1966
Amerikanische Universitäten und deutsche Hochschulreform (American Universities and the German University Reform)

12. Berlin, June 9-12, 1965
Die Gestalt Abraham Lincolns in Dichtung, Redekunst und Geschichte (The Figure of Abraham Lincoln in Poetry, Rhetoric, and History)

11. Frankfurt, May 21-23, 1964
Die deutsche Emigration nach 1933: ihr Einfluß auf das amerlkanische Geistesleben (The German Emigration after 1933: Its Influences on American intellectual.Life)

10. Freiburg, June 3-5, 1963
Die zeitgenossische amerikanische Analyse des “American Way of Life” (The Contemporary American Analysis of the “American Way of Life”)

9. Kiel, June 14-16, 1962
Die sogenannte Amerikanisierung Deutschlands (The So-Called Americanization of Germany)

8. Heidelberg, May 25-27, 1961
Die Entwicklung der rassischen Integration im amerikanischen Erziehungswesen (The Development of Racial Integration in American Education)

7. Hamburg, June 9-11, 1960
Das Amerikabild in Deutschland (The Image of America in Germany)

6. Köln, May 21-23, 1959
Das amerikanische Selbstverstandnis im 20 Jahrhundert (The American SelfImage in the 20th Century) ,

5. Mainz, May 29-31,1958
Die Bedeutung und Wirksamkeit der .Religion im amerikanischen Leben (Significance and Consequences of Religion in American Life)

4. München, June 13-15, 1957
Die Suche nach Wertmaßstäben im heutigen amerikanischen Leben (The Search for Value Standards in Contemporary American Life)

3. Berlin, May 25-27, 1956
Kann man die amerikanische und die englische Kultur und Literatur als Einheit betrachten? (Can American and British Literature and Culture be Considered a Unit?)

2. Boppard, June 29 – July 1, 1955
Das amerikanische Geschichtsbewußtsein/Moderne Geistesstromungen in den USA/Der Begriff der amerikanischen Demokratie (American Historical Awareness/Modern Intellectual Life in the USAIThe Concept of American Democracy)

1. Boppard, March 19-21, 1954
Die Bedeutung des amerikanischen Mittelwestens (The Significance of the American Midwest)

Foundational Meeting: Marburg, June 12-14, 1953
Das Krisenbewußtsein im heutigen Amerika (Dealing with Crises in Contemporary America)