Becoming a member

Interested in becoming a member of the DGfA/GAAS? Nothing is easier than that: please just fill in the online application form and the direct debit authorization below.

Membership Fee Structure

As of January 1, 2020, the membership fee structure is as follows:

Income Membership Fee Partner Fee Institution Fee
up to 1500 Euro
Bis 1.500 €
[Studierende; Stipendiaten;
halbe TVL-Stellen]
40 Euro 30 Euro 40 Euro
up to 3000 Euro
1.501 – 3.000 €
[halbe TVL obere Erfahrungsstufe;
Dreiviertelstellen TVL]
70 Euro

up to 5000 Euro
3.001 –5.000 €
[TVL-13 bis 15 mit Erfahrungsstufen;
W1; Akad. Räte]


100 Euro


over 5.001 €
[Akad. Oberräte W2 & W3]

130 Euro

Bank information:

Dt. Ges. für Amerikastudien
Commerzbank Halle
Kontonummer: 127 598 100
BLZ: 800 400 00
IBAN: DE81 8004 0000 0127 5981 00


Important Explanations

1. The amount of the membership fee correlates with the gross income of members, i.e. the amount of one’s income before taxes and other deductions are subtracted. Members assign themselves to the respective class of membership. It is not necessary for members to hand in income statements. However, the GAAS reserves the right of a possible inquiry and of demanding further information. Any change of income is to be reported to the executive director. The executive director can then determine additional payments or refunds even during the current fiscal year according to the date of change.

2. In case your partner is a fully paying member of the GAAS, there is the possibility of a reduced partner membership fee. The partner membership is equivalent to the regular membership. If you want to make use of this option, please fill out our regular membership form but note that you wish to apply for partner membership. Please also provide us with the name of your partner; without this information, we will have to charge regular membership fees.

3. The GAAS also offers membership to university departments, research institutions, and companies. The departmental fee includes the subscription to our Information Booklet, our circular letters, and other informational material but does not include the subscription to our journal Amerikastudien/American Studies.

4. The GAAS is a registered association under German association law. Membership gives you voting rights in the annual meeting. In contrast to American organizations (e.g. OAH and ASA), non-payment of membership fees does not constitute a termination of your membership. Should you wish to terminate your membership, you need to write an e-mail to the Executive Director ( Your membership then ends on December 31 of the given year.

Terms of payment

Membership fees are due at the beginning of each calendar year in full amount. Provided that you have a bank account located in Germany, please fill out both our membership form and the attached direct debit authorization so that you can take part in our convenient direct debiting system. If this does not apply to you, please transfer your fees to our membership account. Please refrain from sending in checks or cash. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card payments.

If you want to apply for membership please indicate your membership category according to the box listed above.

    Dienstanschrift (Work Address)
    Privatanschrift (Private Address)
    Fachrichtung (Discipline):

    Bitte kreuzen Sie max. zwei Arbeitsgebiete an (Please tick max. two boxes)

    Ortsangabe (Location/Affiliation)
    DGFA Newsletter

    Members benefit from our monthly newsletter that contains information about American Studies conferences, scholarships, job postings, etc. You can unsubscribe any time by sending an e-mail to the Executive Director of the DGfA.

    Mailingliste des Postgraduate Forum (PGF):

    Die Höhe des Jahresbeitrages ist nach Bruttoeinkommen (vor Steuern und Abzügen) gestaffelt. Bitte ordnen Sie sich in eine der folgenden Gruppen ein (bitte ankreuzen):

    (The amount of the annual membership fee is graduated according to gross income (before taxes and deductions). Please select one of the following groups (please tick the box):

    1. Income up to 1500 Euro (40€)Income up to 3000 Euro (70€)Income up to 5000 Euro (100€)Income above 5000 Euro (130€)Partner (30€)Institution (40€)

    Erteilung eines SEPA-Lastschriftmandats (SEPA direct debit authorization)

    Betrifft: Ermächtigung zum Einzug von Forderungen mittels Lastschrift

    Hiermit ermächtige ich die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien widerruflich, die von mir zu entrichtenden Jahresbeiträge bei Fälligkeit zu Lasten meines Kontos

    mittels Lastschrift einzuziehen.
    (I hereby revocably authorize the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien (German Association for American Studies) to collect the annual fees when due from my account by direct debit.)

    Falls mein Konto die erforderliche Deckung nicht aufweist, besteht seitens des o.a. kontoführenden Instituts keine Verpflichtung zur Einlösung der vorgelegten Lastschrift. Die Kosten und Gebühren, die der DGfA durch Nichteinlösung einer Lastschrift entstehen, können mir von der DGfA in Rechnung gestellt werden. Sollte sich meine Bankverbindung ändern, werde ich der DGfA umgehend entsprechende Mitteilung machen.
    (If my account does not have the required coverage, the above-mentioned bank institute is not obliged to cover the submitted direct debit. The GAAS may charge me for the costs and fees caused by the non-payment of a direct debit. Should my bank details change, I will inform the GAAS immediately.)

    1. Ja, ich übermittle meine Daten freiwillig.

      Yes, I accept to submit my data willingly.


    Already a Member?

    If you would like to update your personal data (change of address, affiliation, etc.) or your direct debit authorization please send an e-mail to executive director of the GAAS. 

    If you wish to terminate your membership please inform the executive director  no later than December 31st (of the preceding year).