In cooperation with the American Antiquarian Society (AAS), the DGfA offers one fellowship to support research at AAS by doctoral and postdoctoral candidates in American Studies at German universities. The American Antiquarian Society’s preeminent collections offer broad research opportunities in American history and culture through the year 1876. The one-month to two-months residence in Worcester, Massachusetts, provides an opportunity not only for research in collections that are extraordinarily comprehensive but also for collegial discussion and exchange with staff and other fellows, faculty in area colleges and universities, and other scholars visiting AAS from all over the United States and abroad.

Grant Benefits:The grant sum for the AAS-DGfA Fellowship, a maximum amount of Euro 1,800, is meant to cover travel expenses and board for a one- to two-month residence in Worcester, Massachusetts. Fellows will be provided housing free of charge in the AAS fellows’ residence at 9 Regent Street, directly behind the library building. Many opportunities for collegiality center around 9 Regent St., where the Society’s seminars, colloquia, and informal gatherings of fellows, staff, and visiting scholars take place. All Fellows have priority in reserving AAS accommodations, but doing so is not a requirement for holding a fellowship. When requested, the staff will do its best to suggest suitable alternative accommodations elsewhere in Worcester.

Eligibility: The AAS-GAAS Fellowship is open to German citizens or permanent residents at the postgraduate or postdoctoral stages of their careers. The Fellow will be selected on the basis of the applicant’s scholarly qualifications, the scholarly significance or importance of the project within the field of American Studies in general and its German context, and the appropriateness of the proposed study to the Society’s collections.

Application Procedure: The application and selection procedures are conducted jointly by the Executive Board and the AAS. General information about the AAS, the collection, and the fellowship program may be obtained from the society’s website (