Diversity Fellowships (Travel Grants for Ph.D. Students)


As a measure to enhance diversity within the German Association for American Studies (GAAS), the GAAS will award four travel grants for Ph.D. students who are members of the GAAS and who plan to attend the GAAS Annual Meeting in Berlin 2018.

We especially encourage applications from Ph.D. students who are structurally disadvantaged and who may face professional marginalization. Criteria include, among others, social, ethnic, racial, and religious background, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

Applications include: Short description of Ph.D. project (c. 500 words), CV, and a brief narrative self-positioning that demonstrates the applicant’s eligibility to the goals of this grant (c. 250 words). In addition to the self-positioning, the quality of the Ph.D. project will be important for a successful application.

Successful applications will be awarded a 250 Euro fellowship to be used for covering the cost of travel to attend the 2018 GAAS annual meeting. Therefore, students from Berlin and Potsdam and other universities in the Berlin metropolitan area cannot apply in 2018 (but at future meetings outside Berlin). This also includes legal residents of Berlin and its environs.

Deadline: March 26, 2018

All applications should be sent to the Vice President of the GAAS, Professor Dr. Karsten Fitz (karsten.fitz@uni-passau.de).


Download the pdf version: GAAS Diversity Fellowships.