Deadline: December 15, 2023

Doctoral Program „American History – History of the Americas“ (Class of Culture and History, Graduate School Language & Literature Munich, LMU Munich)

The American History doctoral program of the Amerika-Institut at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) offers graduate students the opportunity to study major issues in the history, culture, media, politics, and society of the United States, Canada as well as the Americas, including the Caribbean. The program is integrated into the Graduate School Language & Literature Munich as its Class of Culture and History (CoHist). While the class aims to overcome the traditional division between North and Latin America, it foregrounds the study of the U.S. and Canadian experiences. Yet, it seeks to frame the American continents beyond their colonial and nation-state boundaries by situating them as a region of global interdependencies.

Candidates may choose to analyze aspects from the social, cultural, economic and intellectual history of the Americas, as well as foreign and domestic policy issues. They might also concentrate on historically prominent issues such as immigration, multiculturalism, urbanization, gender relations, and constructions of race.

The program is systematically structured and research-oriented, offering doctoral candidates the opportunity to present and discuss their individual research projects in seminars and workshops with guest professors. It offers an ideal environment for doctoral candidates since it provides access to a network of internationally renowned scholars and is embedded in LMU’s outstanding institutional and research-driven infrastructure.

CoHist is designed to accommodate graduate students with national and international MA degrees. While the program does not offer funded positions, limited travel funding (resesarch and conference trips) is available. The deadline for application for the forthcoming summer semester (starting in April 2024) is December 15, 2023. To access the application tool and more information on application requirements, please visit:

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the program’s coordinator Dr. Nadine Klopfer: