Amerikahaus Munich | November 17-19, 2022

“Playing the Field III: Video Game Ecologies and American Studies” serves as a platform for scholarly exchange on the growing significance of the medium of video games in American (and global) culture. Contributions will examine the environments that video games affect and are impacted by through the lens of American studies theories and methodologies. The conference engages with the notion of ecology as a critical concept that not only allows to study the intermedial, social, and cultural relations that constitute video games and gaming culture, but also suggests reflections on the impact of gaming and virtual worlds in mainstream media ecologies as well as video game conceptions of human, posthuman, and natural environments. The theme of video game ecologies seeks to facilitate interdisciplinary conversations on the cultural, literary, political, social, and ecological discourses pertaining to the medium; the structures, relations, and imaginations involved in video game world building practices; and the environments they participate in and create.

Keynote speakers:

Alenda Chang (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Miguel Sicart (IT University Copenhagen)

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