On behalf of the editorial team, we are happy to announce that the last issue of Amerikastudien/American Studies has just gone online in time for the Christmas break.

In this special issue entitled “The Continuity of Change? New Perspectives on U.S. Reform Movements,” guest editors Charlotte Lerg and Jana Weiß invite readers to discover the way “reformers,” “reform,” and “reform movements” have created traditions of their own and shaped U.S. politics and culture. To this end, the issue collects contributions by Dustin Breitenwischer, Nadja Klopprogge, Ferdinand Nyberg, Axel Jansen, Johannes Nagel, and Armin Langer on a range of reform, from nineteenth-century Reconstruction and military reform to twentieth-century calls for unconditional basic income. Collectively, the contributors assembled here argue for a broader understanding of the concept of reform. Instead of a morality-centered approach operating from hindsight, they aim to highlight historical arguments, structural constitutions, and social contexts, as well as individual agency.

You can read and download the open access issue here: https://amst.winter-verlag.de/?_locale=en

With best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season, Carmen Birkle and Birgit Däwes