Dear DGfA members,

Our second town hall meeting will take place on Friday, March 5, between 3 and 5pm and will be organized in cooperation with the German Historical Institute Washington (GHI).

This event is for all GAAS members and will address the career paths of non-tenured scholars.

The planned #2 GAAS Town Hall will consist of two parts: First, there will be a roundtable discussion that focuses on the situation of non-tenured scholars not only in times of crisis such as the pandemic, but in general. This part will address the following topics: a) the risk of becoming a scholar b) doing research and teaching (under pandemic conditions) c) structures, hierarchies and dependencies.

The roundtable will be moderated by Jana Keck, member of the current PGF Team Stuttgart (and DC) and research fellow at the GHI; participants include Whitney Frazier Peterson (PhD Candidate and representative of the current PGF team), Alexandra Hauke (PhD Candidate and representative of the former PGF Team Passau), Judith Rauscher (Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessorin) at the University of Cologne and PGF representative in the GAAS Board), Barbara Buchenau (Vice-Rector for Social Responsibility, Diversity and International Affairs at the University Duisburg-Essen), and Axel Jansen (Deputy Director at the GHI).

After a break we will continue with a second session, which will be different in character. It will be a Q&A session with the participants (and all GAAS members), making themselves available for questions and concerns. You can raise your hand via the “raise hand button” or insert your answer or comment in the chat, which will be monitored by Melissa Schlecht (current PGF Team).

If you have questions about the event, please contact Jana Keck ( or Melissa Schlecht (

All information regarding the Town Hall program and the Zoom link will be send by e-mail to all members of the DGfA.