February 24-25, 2022

Located at the intersection of art, scholarship, and personal exploration, videographic criticism refers to the study of audiovisual culture in audiovisual form. The videographic critic uses editing software to produce analyses and commentaries about film, television, games, online material etc., and typically communicates the results in the form of video essays. The practice of videographic criticism has grown exponentially in recent years, and the increased focus on screens that has been for many the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has only confirmed the relevance of videographic criticism and its set of concerns.

Featuring more than thirty practitioners and scholars of videographic criticism, this two-day Zoom symposium will dedicate day 1 to interrogating the affordances and knowledge claims of three distinctive modes of videographic practice in panels dedicated to the desktop documentary, the personal exploration, and parametric/deformative approaches. On day 2, all participants will be invited to define and debate the key issues for the development of videographic criticism in parallel workshops, and a closing roundtable will recapitulate the symposium findings and set out themes and questions to be considered at future events. The symposium will feature emerging as well as established voices in order to build networks and to expand the community of videographic practitioners, and is run over two days to work for as many time zones as possible.

Full program on the symposium website: https://cc.au.dk/poetics-of-videographic-criticism/interrogating-the-modes-of-videographic-criticism

Register for the event: https://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5EkdumtrjIqHNSvWX–R9tqOe8GafMUM0x6